Entrepreneur Approach

Entrepreneur Approach to travel

DESCRIPTION: This course presents business mastermind principles, business fundamentals and the travel and tourism destinations that are regularly top sellers, according to various travel sites, including TripAdvisor, the American Society of Travel Agents and National Geographic. These are the states of Florida, Nevada, New York, Hawaii, California, Washington D.C., Alaska and Illinois; the provinces of British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec in Canada; Caribbean, and the countries of England, France, Italy, Mexico, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Czech Republic, Turkey, China, Cambodia, Japan, India Vietnam, French Polynesia, New Zealand and Australia. 

OBJECTIVES: Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Start earning money to fund your vision 
  • Increase your credit score
  • Plan Travel
  • Identify  the top travel destinations 
  • Join a Host Agency
  • Become a sub contractor while growing your business
  • Build a business
  • Choose your niche
Understand the following information for business startup in travel.
  • Commissions and how it works in the industry
  • Vendors and Vendor Relationships
  • Services and Service Levels
  • Business Entities
  • Insurance

•Identify major tourist sites and attractions at each destination


Successful completion of each exercise in each lesson Successful completion of the exam

 COURSE OUTLINE: Each lesson generally includes: a map of the destination(s), a description, client appeal for the area, tourist season, how to get around and recommended itinerary. Each lesson ends with an exercise regarding the information covered in the lesson, offering immediate feedback

 Lesson 1 - Introduction /Orientation

Lesson 2 - Business 101

Lesson 3 - Finance 101

Lesson 4 - Travel 101

Lesson 5 - Group Travel

Lesson 6 - Luxury Travel

Lesson 7 - Leisure and Student Travel

To be completed in that time are 7 exercises and 1 final exam. Each are automatically scored and graded with immediate response.

Travel Instructor D Ertuly

Desiree Ertuly is an industry leader. She has formal education a BS degree Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, a Masters of Management degree and a MBA.  She have been in the travel industry over 15 years.  10 years corporate travel 5+ years in leisure.  She have worked as a luxury consultant for a Virtuoso agency.  She worked for Silversea Cruiseline, British Airways, BCD Travel, Orbitz for business and prior to that in management at the Marriott Newark airport.  Her combined experience makes her a great candidate to teach travel.



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